Legal case and trademark portfolio management

IPzen gives you the ability to work with total security on all your case and trademark portfolios, anywhere and anytime.

A collaborative and intuitive solution,  built by lawyers, for lawyers.

Trademark management

IPzen allows you to optimize your trademark management providing an overview of your and your clients’ portfolios. With IPzen, you can immediately follow trademark process progress and status (opposition, litigation, limitation). Our intuitive platform and our support team makes the process easy.

IPzen Case Management

IPzen has a centralized and intuitive case management solution that allows you to gather all your files in a single location to save time :


Use multi-criteria search to find the file you need


Follow file progress in detail


Attach all relavant documents and emails


Create specific deadlines


Integrated invoicing

Save your precious time with our integrated, automated and fast invoicing system. Prefill clients names and amounts to reduce billing and payment times . Generate all your invoices in PDF format, and send them directly from the system. Ipzen not only saves time, but also tracks the profitability of your organisation, the amounts invoiced and invoices outstanding.

Productivity tools and dashboards

Productivity tools and dashboards allow you to follow the profitability of a department or an associate. Keep an eye on the evolution of your business with IPzen by estimating invoices and positioning your business for future opportunities.



IPzen is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to manage intellectual property portfolios and related matters such as prosecution, opposition, litigation, contracts, and legal advice. Specifically designed to improve the profitability and efficiency of your team, IPzen combines rights protection and case management with integrated invoicing.  The IPZen platform is hosted in a highly secure private cloud on dedicated virtual servers, which enables you to collaborate with clients, follow up on intellectual property rights, track action items and send invoices from anywhere and at anytime.