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IPzen facilitates IP lawyers to handle Trademark Management. IPzen encompasses all aspects of protecting intangible assets. All matters are pursued, from the clearance, evaluation, and counseling of trademarks to ligation, defense of infringement claims, anti-counterfeiting, and enforcement. A lucrative and optimized solution to cater to every IP Lawyer’s and firm’s requirements.

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Running an IP firm isn’t an easy task. It is not just counseling but also advising and representing clients in court proceedings. The job description is vast, and besides having lateral thinking skills, an IP Lawyer needs to be methodized, expedited, and analytic. That’s where IPzen comes in. A tailor-made software that caters specifically to IP lawyers. A collaborative solution designed by IP lawyers themselves. Managing your day-to-day operations of a trademark portfolio and with many more enhanced features:

  • Customized Searches
  • Data Sharing
  • Selective Data Display
  • Calendar Updates & Setting deadlines and reminders
  • Generating production sheets
  • Instant Access to IPzen
  • Data security
  • Case Storage & Management
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Case Management

Client portfolios, documentation, deadlines, invoices, and recorded progress – Access one and all at any time as per your convenience and requirement. A centralized and spontaneous approach to information promotes uninterrupted workflow and case handling.

  • Diverse Searching Ability
  • Accessibility of Client Information
  • Updated Files – Emails – Bills – Portfolios
  • Secure Network

Use multi-criteria search to find the file you need


Follow file progress in detail


Attach all relavant documents and emails

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Create specific deadlines

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Integrated invoicing

An automated invoicing process that is unified and designed to work collaboratively with the Case Management system. Programmed updates, inputs, and billing. Manage the profit statistics and retrieve essential data, saving valuable time and increasing productivity.

Productivity tools and Extensive dashboards

Enhanced and organized productive tolls and informative dashboard lets you stay connected to associates and clients. With every detail attainable, and listed, keep track of your evolving business and work in the most efficient way possible.