Domain Name management and registration

Domain name management

Designed with the same objective as our Trademark module, Domain Name Management offers consolidated interface for administrative and technical management. The module may cooperate with your registrar’s system for automatic updates and technical settings of domain names.

Save valuable time with this integrated and user-friendly tool to manage an entire domain name portfolio, including registrations, renewals and technical settings.

Thanks to this simple and intuitive system, you’ll have the unique ability to:

  • Track deadlines
  • Sort domain names by category
  • Check availability online which covers all existing TLDs
  • Setup zones and re-directions
  • Search by a single term or on a list of domain names
  • Filter your search by country or region
  • Tag a domain name with user-specific labels and conduct subsequent searches on the same criteria & export results to Excel
  • Modify attached DNS servers and zone files
  • The original layout is stored and is available to be reinstalled if and when required
  • Manage and invoice domain names renewals directly from IPzen