Increase your profitability and save time with the new invoicing solution!

Invoicing solution

At IPzen, we know that the billing process can be complex, so we came up with a solution :

An easy-to-use web-based, multi-user invoicing feature with seamless integration :

  • Generate a detailed invoice including all service charges at the click of a button
  • Consolidate several cases into a single invoice
  • Manage different invoicing profiles for each client
  • Insert trademark data automatically into the invoice
  • Send invoices via email directly from the system
  • Track and follow-up payments with color-coded statuses
  • Edit statistics by client, lawyer, or type of work
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Global invoicing solution

With global billing, you can generate all your invoices in few clicks and send them directly to your clients via e-mail in a PDF format.

  • Enhance controls over invoice validation
  • Easily monitor amounts invoiced and work remaining to invoice
  • See prepayments and amounts disbursed
  • Receive alerts

Financial Dashboards

  • Monitor the profitability of team members, associates, and departments
  • Evaluate the profitability and margins of clients
  • Breakdown and follow profitability by type of activity
  • Predict on-going billing
  • General statistics
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Smart  solution and consolidate time sheets

Smart invoicing can significantly reduce payment cycles and avoid administrative delays.  By clicking on the timer, the system automatically calculates the hourly rate and the time spent on each client and consolidates it in the invoice.