IP management software

Your IPzen license includes many features, the classic modules, namely the dashboard, folders, calendar, directory and the administrator tool. The Trademarks, Domain Names and Invoicing modules can be added to your license depending on the needs of your business.

Our features


Access a customizable overview of your items: your deadlines, files, asset portfolios, news and emails.

The layout of the dashboard can be different for each user and is fully adaptable.


The Folders module is one of the pillars of our collaborative solution.

It allows you to attach all relevant documents and add actions corresponding to each stage of its evolution.

This way you can have an overview both of your work and of your team. Thanks to the IPzen file module, you can keep an eye on every detail and every deadline related to it.


The Trademarks module allows you to consolidate and manage your trademark portfolios with complete peace of mind.

It allows IP professionals to have complete access to all their trademark portfolios and those of their clients.

With IPzen’s trademark module you can access all stages of your trademark process, including official titles. You can manage and view all your new filings and disputes. A multi-criteria search engine allows you to quickly and easily find the trademarks in your portfolio.

Domain names

Similar to the Trademarks module, this tab offers the possibility to search for third party domain names using our up-to-date database. With IPzen, actively protect and control your domain name portfolios by instantly retrieving all related information.


The Agenda menu provides access to all deadlines concerning your files as well as your trademark or domain name portfolios. These deadlines (opposition, renewal, affidavits) are automatically created in the system or by users. They are gathered in one place and can be sorted via a set of filters to display only those deemed relevant by the user.


The Invoicing module is a multi-user system, which not only allows you to generate customized invoices in one click, merge multiple files into one invoice, but also customize multiple invoicing profiles for each client and automatically insert brand rights data into your invoice.

With the invoicing module, you can also send invoices by e-mail from the system, track payments using color codes and edit statistics by client, employee or type of work.


The Directory menu is one of the pillars of the system, together with the Folders menu. Here you can create customers, which will be the starting point for many other elements of the system. You can also associate companies and addresses with these customers, as well as contacts of individuals. From these elements you can create folders.