November 23, 2016

Protecting Your Trademarks Has Never Been Easier, thanks to IPzen’s Watch Services

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Protecting a brand from misuse and fraud is a never ending process. There are now several ways in which trademarks and IP rights can be used by fraudsters for financial gain – so it’s important to always be one step ahead. You can monitor all of your trademarks – wherever in the world they are based – in one place, with IPzen’s comprehensive watch services.

Trademarks are being used illegally across the Internet, utilising many different language scripts. Until very recently, the process of monitoring intellectual property online involved labour-intensive processes across several different software packages. But IPzen’s various watch services allow IP lawyers and brand owners to monitor all of their trademarks via a single, user-friendly cloud-based platform.

Domain Name Watches

The problem of cybersquatting has become rife in recent years -representing a huge cost to businesses of all sizes. The tactic of registering almost identical domain names using all or part of a trademark, is on the rise. These domain names are designed to trick your customers into thinking a fake website or service is genuine.

Your customers are then susceptible to theft, fraud and being sold counterfeit goods – tarnishing your brand and affecting your revenue. IPzen domain name watch services detect these malicious domain name registrations, as and when they happen. This powerful monitoring service covers gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs (.uk, .de, .it etc.). You are sent automated alerts when a registration may be breaching your trademark rights. It is then up to you to decide whether said domain name is irrelevant or a cause for concern. The IPzen’s intellectual property management platform allows you also to watch trademarks for a single country or a set of countries. So whether an exact match or something very similar is found, you’ll know early enough to defend your trademark if necessary.

Non-Latin Character Domain Name Watches

The Internet is now a truly globalised phenomenon, and an increasing number of websites are catering for languages that don’t use Latin script. In order to be successful with local populations, an increasing number of domain names are being registered in non-Latin script, such as Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Until very recently, IP lawyers and brand owners have found it incredibly difficult to monitor trademarks and their use in domain names in these languages – often relying on several different services at the same time. But IPzen’s Non-Latin Character Domain Name Watch has changed all that. This powerful resource constantly monitors all areas of the Internet to track down trademark infringements in International Domain Names (IDNs). Both Generic Top-Level Domains and Country Code Top Level Domains are covered. So regardless of the language script being used, intellectual property thieves and fraudsters have nowhere to hide.

Social Media Network Watchestree-200795_1280

Social media networks are increasingly being used as advanced marketing tools. These powerful platforms give thieves, fraudsters and counterfeiters an audience of millions, so trademark owners simply can’t afford to ignore them. IPzen’s Social Media Network Watch service detects the use of trademarks especially in usernames, and almost identical versions of them on all the leading social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Users also have the option of adding different social network services on request.

Mobile App Watches

Monitoring thousands of apps has historically been a hugely difficult task, but it’s now easier than ever, thanks to IPzen’s App Watch. This powerful IP monitoring service constantly monitors both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store in search of trademark infringements. You’ll be alerted to any issues as and when they arise.


Another way infringers are exploiting trademarks is through the use of keyword-triggered advertisements. When an Internet user searches for a particular trademark, ads are triggered according to the advertiser’s preferences. However, infringers choose to target trademarks and brand names for the triggering of their own ads – sometimes leading to users being taken to fake websites. You can catch this activity before it does too much damage by implementing IPzen’s Google AdWords Watch. Watch services can be set up to monitor a predefined list of countries and keywords.

IPzen Workflow Watch IPzen Workflow Watch provides data flow for the processing of data – from qualification of the alerts to legal analysis. This alerts watch provides data flow right through to publishing, ensuring a complete monitoring service from start to finish.

Transform Your Intellectual Property Management

IPzen is a cloud-based IP management platform that takes all the hard work and time out of managing and protecting intellectual property rights. A user-friendly module hosts a family of watch and protection services – all of which are designed to identify, record and report the improper or illegal use of trademarks and brand details. IPzen is a cloud-based software system, so there’s no need for expensive set-ups, sophisticated hardware upgrades or ongoing maintenance. You and your team can access and modify files within the IPzen system from anywhere in the world, at any time. You don’t need to worry about data recovery, security measures or file formats, as everything is included. For a modest subscription, you can transform the way your law firm monitors trademarks including on the Internet and enforces IP rights. And if you’d like to save even more time, you can subscribe to IPzen Watch Service Plus+, which utilises the IPzen team’s skills for monitoring results, filtering key data and analysing threats.

We believe that IPzen’s benefits are best communicated by showcasing exactly what it can do. This is why you can see it in action for yourself, with absolutely no obligation to buy. Contact us today to arrange your free WebEx demonstration, and take the first step towards revolutionising the way you manage and protect intellectual property rights.