Our company

Established in 2007, Harbor Technologies is a software publisher and online services company that specializes in the business consulting sector, particularly law firms, as well as patent and trademark attorneys.

Since its establishment, Harbor Technologies has developed the innovative IPzen software for intellectual property professionals. The platform was made possible thanks to the contribution of recognized professionals in developing the most powerful and innovative tools.

In a changing world and a changing legal services market, IPzen brings an efficient, scalable and secure solution for the most demanding professionals and companies.

The IPzen solution is dedicated to consultants and intellectual property professionals. It enables you to manage and optimize what is at the heart of your business: customer relations. Attach documents and e-mails to your case files, follow up files, plan your services, projects and interventions, monitor your tasks and deadlines, control due diligence and your billing. But IPzen goes one-step further by integrating a range of services – a collaborative platform allowing you to streamline your exchanges with contractors as well as a level of security rarely achieved by an outsourced service offer.

“IPzen’s primary focus is the security of your information and that of your customers”

IPzen is an advanced cloud-based technology offered as SaaS (Software as a Service). Users can access IPzen securely using any web browser.

IPzen is specially designed to protect confidential and sensitive information. It secures the primary data of a company as well as the confidential information of your clients. The concepts of security and confidentiality were included in the design and development of the software and its technical infrastructure.

“IPzen is hosted on a private cloud, consisting of dedicated servers that have a preinstalled virtualization solution”

Each subscription consists of:

  • Restricted access to the IPzen platform with a limited number of users in accordance with the user agreement.
  • An SSL-encrypted connection to a dedicated virtual server.
  • A dedicated virtual server with its own database and storage solution to avoid accessing or storing data with another client.
  • Every client has their own personal virtual server. There is no risk that data is mixed, and it is not shared with other clients..
  • IPzen is hosted in a private cloud based in France (EU legislation ensures there is no confidentiality threat ), and the connection is secured with an SSL certificate.
  • Two automatic backups, including one in a different data center.
  • A real-time duplication of the virtual server’s data in a datacenter located in a different EU country.
  • A 24/7 server monitoring service.