When I was presented the various different features and services offered by the platform, I was initially attracted by the simplicity and what the system had to offer: all the information I need is now consolidated into an easy-to-use and straight-forward portal. I have access to all the cases handled with my counsel, to the results of my watch services results, and to our trademark portfolio at the same place. Also the possibility to share data about our trademark portfolio with colleagues based in another location or thanks to one-click extraction possibilities is an interesting feature of the system.

Dominika Partelova, Legal Counsel, BIC Graphic Europe

Having a tool which allow us to interact with our general counsel while simultaneously being able to work on our cases with complete autonomy is a major factor for us in terms of efficiency. A daily tool, the platform allows for the storing of case history which is then accessible at anytime and even remotely Access to invoices which are issued directly from the platform allows us to track costs and billing. Via the platform, we also have the ability to consolidate, sort and manage data in one single platform facilitates reporting, viewing statistics and budget reports. This gives lawyers more time to concentrate on tasks that are more important.

Marie Champey, General Counsel Intellectual Property & Digital, AccorHotels

It is a straightforward, clear tool that allows to obtain a good overview on the portfolio situation. It also nicely supports surveillance activities and offers easy and efficient correspondence to provide instructions.

Bernd Muehlenweg, CBO (Chief Business Officer), Nanobiotix

IPzen has made a tremendous change in the way I manage my day-to-day activities. It consolidates everything that was previously located on various documents and allows me to manage our trademark portfolio in one place. IPzen is a seamless, easy-to-use, and cost effective solution that fits our needs. And since IPzen is cloud-based, I can now access our portfolio anywhere at any time. It automatically calculates deadlines, contains in-depth information on registration and protection status, conveys global filing requirements, easily creates reports, and provides an overview of our trademarks at my fingertips. I highly recommend IPzen’s secure, cloud-based platform for trademark portfolio management.

Kevin Stirling, Director, Intellectual Property, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

The platform is entirely suited to our professional needs. As the platform is available online and hosted on a private cloud, the system is convenient for us as we can manage and monitor our records, watch service results and portfolios from anywhere at anytime and more importantly, securely. Being able to send information and instructions regarding our files and watches directly from the platform gives my organization a certain degree of flexibility. As we travel often, the tool saves us a significant amount of time.

Tanguy Mulliez, International License Director, Daniel Hechter Paris

Day to day, the platform gives us a better visibility of our files and domain name portfolio. Besides, we are also able to access the results of our watch services (domain name, social media and Google AdWords watches) within the same interface. The dashboard displays flash news and files for which instructions are requested. Within minutes, I am able to look up latest decisions and/or regulatory changes and keep in mind the matters to process.

Anne Sophie Sébire, Intellectual Property and International Partnership Director, Carrefour

IPzen is certainly innovative and as an Investigator, I have all my case files in one place and am able to give access to my clients to keep them up to date with where I am on their work.  I’m often out in the field, and its great to be able to access my information from anywhere on my mobile device. Having the IPzen case management system has freed up my time to spend more quality time with my clients while completely taking the headache out of managing the filing and administration of my casework….and to add to that I really like the fact that I can give my clients access to the system to send me instructions or updates while I’m on the go. The Case Management System is one simple and secure cloud-based solution for total file management.

John Warrink, Interro Investigations