Trademark enforcement on the internet

Protect what is valuable to you

IPzen will advise you on the best strategy for protecting a trademark online:

-Alternative Disputes Resolution (UDRP, DRP, URS, PDDRP): IPzen will assist you in order to recover or cancel a domain name.

-Take down notices


-Privacy lifts for domain names: IPzen can assist you in retrieving the correct identity of a domain name owner.

-Domain name recovery : Entrust IPzen with the safe recovery of a domain name you need.

-Buying back of domain name : IPzen will monitor the selected domain name 24/7. IPzen will attempt to acquire the domain immediately or monitor it on your behalf.

-Domain name acquisition: IPzen can provide you with the most cost-effective strategy to purchase a domain name for your business or your client’s business when it is owned by a third party.

-Domain name evaluation

-Social media strategy

-Social media enforcement