Trademark Portfolio Management

The exclusive Intellectual Property Portfolio Management Software takes your Trademark Management to the next level

Trademark Portfolio Management

Our trademark portfolio management module offers full access to a trademark portfolio.

It provides a quick overview of the protection status of a sign as well as detailed information on each registered title or the current registration information.

With IPzen, simply log in to our platform using your username and password. No need for special hardware or operating systems.

You will have immediate access to all of your trademark process steps, official titles included.

Optimized Management

As an IP lawyer, you need to be up-to-date with your files and client informations. IPzen allows you to optimise your trademark management by providing an overview of your and your client’s portfolios.

With IPzen, you can follow the live progress and status of any trademark process (including oppositions, litigations and limitations). You can rely on the IPzen team to make the process smooth and intuitive.

New Trademark Filing Integration

Easy data integration and synchronisation facilitates follow-ups to avoid mistakes. The file integration tool supports external files and data. Use this feature to incorporate related information into your “ trademark cards “.

This will allow you to manage and view all your new trademark filings and related litigation with one click.

Integrated trademark management legislation

With IPzen you can access and download all the trademark legislation available in the world. The entire process is based on the creation of a trademark file, followed by registration, prosecution, proceedings and renewals. IPzen’s integrated system automatically calculates all renewals and affidavits according to each trademark’s relevant legislation.


IPzen provides a multi-criteria search engine that allows you to retrieve trademarks from your portfolio based on various and precise criteria: expiry date, registration numbers, class, product, service and specific geographic area.

Colour-codes are a visual aid to facilitate and organise data recognition. They are set by default to save you valuable time:

blue = pending registration

dark green = total protection

light green = partial protection

red = dispute

dark blue = no protection


This comprehensive feature provides you with access to all your deadlines for oppositions, renewals, affidavits and issue dates, all in one single place. Use the system efficiently to pin the high priority tasks or to view upcoming deadlines with the filter search system.


Trademark sheets (opposition, litigation, contract, legal advice) and the relevant files are systematically linked, allowing you to access every information item in a trademark portfolio, either for yourself or for your client.


With IPzen, you can attach files of various formats to your trademark records and linked files. The document library accepts all images (.pdf, .jpeg), Word files (.doc, .docx, .txt), Excel sheets (.xls, .xlsx) and zipped folders (.zip and .SMD).

You can merge and transfer these documents at your convenience. The tool also allows you to store and organise templates such as letters, emails, reports and records, and generate them instantly when needed.


IPzen’s centralized system allows you to generate reports and statistics solely based on your searches. Whether it is general client data, financial reports or advanced demo graphs and figures, the more precise your search is within the system, the more informative results you can expect.


No need to abandon your data saved on another platform. This Intellectual Property Software assists you in transferring any data from a previous source onto your new IPzen platform.


Your data is secure with us!
All law firms or agencies should be cautious with their client’s information. The relationship between a lawyer and his client is built on trust. We guarantee absolute security of your database with an SSL-certified data encryption service that provides secure and highly confidential storage, backup and retrieval.

All communications are encrypted with an SSL certificate. Continuous backup of your data is performed in two separate data centres, with 24/7 monitoring.