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Customize your offer and your client’s strategy

IPzen Workflow Watch

Our workflow watch services system uses custom data flows to ensure that you and your clients receive qualified and rigorously analyzed alerts.

Revolutionize your watches with IPzen, which is a simple, user-friendly tool that
consolidates all of your monitoring results under a single tab. Then, share the results with your team and clients by choosing from the following watch services:

  • Domain Name Watch in latin or non-latin characters (chinese, arabic and cyrillic)
  • Social Network Watch : Detect the use of trademarks in major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Contact us to have the full list of social media networks available.
  • Google AdWords Watch : Detect the use of trademarks as keywords which trigger paid advertising on Google. The watch can be set to a list of predefined countries and/or a list of keywords to be monitored.
  • App Watch : Detect apps using trademarks without authorization. This watch covers all iOS and Android apps.
  • Marketplaces Watches such as Amazon, eBay, Baidu
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IPzen Watch Service Plus +

Save time and money by subscribing to IPzen’s IP Watch Service Plus and let our team filter and analyze the results of watch services, based on criteria that you define with your clients.

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