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Q: Who built the IPzen platform?

A: The IPzen technology was built by lawyers who in addition have over 20 years of experience in the software development industry. We have ensured that the features and technical and security aspects of the platform answer the concerns which lawyers may have when considering a switch to the cloud. The IPzen was developed in 2008 and first went into production in 2009.

Q: Where are your offices located?

A: Our headquarters are based in central London. We also have an office in Paris.

Q: What languages is the platform available in?

A:  The platform is available in English and French.

Q: What is the technology behind IPzen?

A: IPzen is based on open source technology along with MYSQL database, PHP and JavaScript.

Q: What are the benefits of switching to IPzen?

A: IPzen is an all-encompassing intellectual property management solution.  The IPzen platform has been built for lawyers by lawyers.  So we understand and we have listened to the needs and requirements of IP professionals. IPzen is easy to use and everything can be in one place, making your life easier. You can share and open the system to your clients and control what access they have while making your workload easier to manage on a day to day basis.

Q: What are the benefits of a cloud-based system?

A: IPzen is an integrated platform which gives lawyers the freedom to access all features of the platform from anywhere in the world. The cloud provides a higher level of protection for confidential data than any law firm is able to provide on their own. Read more on cloud-based system benefits here.

Q: If my computer software is upgraded, will this affect the running of my IPzen platform?

A: IPzen adapts to your technical environment and the functioning of the platform is not dependent on your operating system nor system updates.

Q: Can I integrate my e-mail programme so that emails appear in my IPzen dashboard?

A: Yes! IPzen can be linked to your e-mail programme, provided this uses an IMAP server.

Q: Is IPzen only for large firms?

A: IPzen is suitable for solo practitioners, small, medium and large firms. As a cloud-based system, IPzen is particularly accessible for solo practitioners and smaller firms: no upfront licensing fees, no server costs and no installation fees.

Q: How can I set up a free online demonstration of the IPzen platform?

A: Request your free online demonstration of the IPzen platform today by e-mailing our team.

Q: How much does the IPzen platform cost?

A: IPzen is a cost effective solution for any business. To receive a customised quotation in 24 hours, contact our team today.

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Q: Is the IPzen platform secure?

A: Each customer is provided with a private SSL certificate. Powerful technology ensures secure communication and information sharing across private and public internet connections as well as Wi-Fi networks.

Q: Who owns the data that I input into the IPzen platform?

A: Clients always remain the owners of the data which is input into the system. Customer data is stored on a dedicated virtual machine and is never mixed with that of other IPzen customers.

Q: Why should I store data in the cloud?

A: The cloud provides a higher level of protection for confidential data than any law firm is able to provide on their own.

Q: How is my data stored?

A: All data is saved in a dedicated Virtual Machine, on a private cloud. The cloud is monitored 24/7.

Q: Is the IPzen platform encrypted?

A: IPzen offers an optional encryption service. Contact our team for further information.

Q: How often do back-ups take place?

A:  The system is backed up every 15 minutes.

Q: How many data centres does IPzen have?

A: IPzen has 1 data centre and an additional data centre for back-up at a separate location.

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Q: Is the Case Management System only for intellectual property lawyers?

A: No: IPzen’s case management module is for any type of organisation, both corporates and law firms.

Q: I work with a small portfolio of trademarks and/or domain names. Is the IPzen platform suitable for and/or my team?

A: Yes! IPzen is suitable for portfolios and firms of all sizes, including solo practitioners. Depending on the size of your portfolio, our team will recommend either the IPzen Essential package or the IPzen Professional package.

Q: If I already have a case management system, can I migrate over to IPzen?

A: Yes! IPzen offers a data migration service. A data migration transfer can take anywhere between two to six weeks. The cost of the service and length of time for the transfer will depend on how you store your data with your current system and the size of your current portfolio.

Q: What features does IPzen’s integrated invoicing module offer?

A: A seamlessly integrated module, IPzen’s invoicing solution is not only for generating invoices. Our invoicing module has the ability to automate billing processes and consolidate diverse information from across your team. Our invoicing solution will save you time each month by consolidating multiple case files into single invoices, generating invoices based on all actions within a case file and by allowing you to create different billing profiles for each client where necessary. Track your payments in real time via our colour-coded payments tracker and generate reports with a click of a button. The flexibility and ease of use of the invoicing module will be welcomed not only by you and/or your team, but by your support and accounting staff as well.

Q: Is IPzen’s invoicing solution available as a stand-alone module?

A: Yes! Please get in touch with our team for more information on subscribing to single modules.

Q: I use a separate programme for invoicing. Will this impact my switching to IPzen?

A: Absolutely not. However, we recommend using IPzen’s integrated invoicing module in order for you and/or your colleagues (including support staff where necessary) to generate and send invoices in .pdf, directly from your case files. Time spent, hourly rates and disbursements can all be customized and predefined by you when setting up your IPzen platform. Save time and money by using a single and fully integrated IP management solution.

Q: Is a white label service offered by IPzen and if so what is the cost?

A: Customers of the IPzen Professional package are offered a white label service free of charge.

Q: Do you offer a patent portfolio management module?

A: IPzen does not currently offer a module developed for patent portfolio management. Click here to discover our range of products and services.

Q: How will IPzen enhance management of my domain name portfolio?

A: As well as being a management tool, IPzen’s Domain Name Portfolio module includes a domain name search feature, available to you directly within your IPzen platform. This module allows you to search and check availability, track deadlines, set up zones and domain name redirections: all this under one single tab!